Meet Michelle

@b3parenting | @theoriginal.michiboo

What are your greatest talents?

1. My ability to be honest and open while relaying personal experiences into life lessons that may inspire others.

2. Writing and speaking; using words to inspire change in the lives of persons I meet.

3. My creativity - my ability to take simple tasks, events or situations and make them dynamic. It cannot be boxed in or classified, it just is and as a result I just am.!

Why do we need a Parenting Consultant?

In a world that seemingly demands perfection, it’s important to be reminded that none of us is. I believe that so many of the problems we face in the world today can be avoided through laying solid foundations at home. And most of the time, it’s not that parents don’t want to help their children, it is simply that they don’t know how. I provide an alternate view to most common issues in parenting and where I can’t find the answers, I point parents in the right direction to find the solutions. No child and no parent left behind.


Why the Parenting Lifestyle?

Gone are the days when being a parent meant your life was over. Being a parent now doesn’t stop you from doing anything in the world. I help people to remember this. I create unique events and platforms for parents to get solutions to common problems that we all face, but may not necessarily feel comfortable speaking out loud and I help to lighten the stress of the journey, make it fun!


• Presentations: Corporate, PTA’s, Schools and Service Clubs

• Events: A Big Baby Shower, Island Child Style and I.C.E. (Inspiring.Children.Everywhere)

• Resources: B3 Parenting Magazine, Articles in Jamaica Gleaner Children’s Supplement

• Services: Private one-on-one consultations with parents and children to bridge gaps

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