Hair shedding after having my baby

Hair shedding after having my baby

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Dear Doc. I had the most gorgeous hair while pregnant. Thick, glossy. Really
healthy looking. My baby is now 2 months old and my hair is shedding
faster than the baby weight. It’s dry, brittle, breaking, and I swear
I’m developing bald patches. Please tell me what’s going on, and
what I can do to stop this!

Hair-PhotoWhat you are experiencing is not unusual after giving birth and there is no need to panic.
Unfortunately this process of the post partum period cannot be stopped but like most
changes during pregnancy, it is only temporary. Everyone’s hair has what is called a hair cycle.
Approximately 90% of our hair is growing at any one time, while the other 10% enters a resting
phase. Every two to three months the resting hair falls out and allows new hair to grow in its place. During
pregnancy as a result of the increased levels of the hormone oestrogen, the hair cycle remains in the growing
phase stimulating hair growth giving the appearance of a full luxurious head of hair. After delivery, oestrogen
returns to normal levels allowing the hair that remained in the growth phase to fall out and return to the normal
cycle. Some experience this in stages while others experience it all at once resulting in bald patches. The most
common period of hair loss occurs approximately 2-3 months after delivery and resolves within 15 months. A
few tips to help you during this time include: A diet high in fruits and vegetables, which contain flavonoids and
antioxidants that may provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage hair growth, continue your antenatal supplements/
vitamins that contain vitamin B complex, A and E, Use shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica and Avoid
hair styles that cause tension to the hair roots.